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Idea Competition – New Products from Food Surplus to fight Global Hunger

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The New Circular System 2+12 challenge calls on creative minds to fight global hunger by developing innovative products from supermarket food surplus. We are looking for individuals and teams eager to create viable world products that not only have a social impact but are also economically sustainable. This competition is for those who are ready to turn their visionary ideas into real-world products.

Dive into the diverse types of supermarket surplus to repurpose these goods
into impactful products. Whether it‘s through creating long-lasting meals,
extracting vital nutrients, or finding new uses for surplus items, the goal is to
develop solutions that are both valuable and sustainable. Participants are
encouraged to follow the 8 cascades (Food banks – B2B – Preservation – Nutrients extraction – Animal feed – Biomaterials – Biogas – Fertilizers), a structured approach to transform food waste into resources, from the most preferable option to the least, to ensure that their solutions optimize resource use and environmental benefits. We challenge you to convert surplus into products that leave a lasting impact and contribute to sustainability.

Ideation and guidelines:
Participants, either in teams or as individuals, are required to submit a presentation detailing their project alongside a SWOT analysis, for which templates will be provided after registration. These documents will serve as the basis for evaluation, focusing on the project’s innovation, feasibility, and potential impact.

Evaluation and vote:
The “Forschungsnetzwerk Neues Kreislaufsystem 2+12” will judge submissions based on their presentations and SWOT analysis. The selection criteria emphasize feasibility, scalability, sustainability and most importantly, economic viability.

Prizes and final event:
The winning project will not only achieve recognition but will also have the opportunity for practical application and further development. Winners will be supported through coaching and networking, enhancing their project‘s viability and impact.

The announcement of the winning project will take place during the Federal Action Week “Germany Saves Food”, scheduled from September 29th to October 6th, 2024. Additionally, a representative from the winning team will be invited to an event at Lake Constance on May 2nd, 2025, to present their project and explore potential collaborations with key stakeholders. This event is part of the Festival for Good, organized by the Haus der Ideen, highlighting the project‘s commitment to fostering sustainable solutions.


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