R. Human rights protection foundation, India

We as the team of R. Human Rights are responsible for the following activites and we invite you to join us:

1. Formation and formation of managing committee, manager / steering committee and sub-committees for the institutions set up by the trust.

2. To promote the spirit of mutual unity and mutual cooperation among all sections of the society through Trust (Trust) and try to create an atmosphere of mutual brotherhood. To try to inculcate in the people a sense of human morality, social morality, national love and national power. Maintaining communal harmony, peace and unity among all religions and helping each other in cultural programs.

3. To communicate with the concerned departments to protect the interests and rights of the members of the trust and the general public and to go to the courts if required and to meet the officials concerned.

4. Funding from the government under the government’s participation scheme. Performing necessary work to protect consumer welfare and consumer rights.

5. To help the needy people reach and apply to the needy people through housing trust scheme. Providing / providing employment opportunities for rural development work.

6. Trying to remove personal and domestic problems of the people of the society and make every effort to correspond with government officials related to their social problems, meeting, meeting etc.

7. Government to arrange and make basic facilities like parks, sewer, water, tube wells, MCD schools, electricity etc. in colonies of urban and rural areas.

8. Make every effort to protect the environment and create awareness about the environment among people in urban and rural areas. To extend cleanliness and greenery, plantation, planting of flowering plants etc. and for this, organizing camps from time to time. Work related to solving the problem of environmental pollution etc.

9. Establishment and training of Primary School, Secondary School and Higher Secondary School, College, Teacher Training Center, Industrial Training Center, Engineering and Medical College, Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Homeopathic, Unani Acupuncture Electra System College through Trust (Trust). To carry out research work, provide them all assistance, acquire sick schools and hire and remove managers, teachers, principals and technical and non-technical staff in the institutions run by the trust.

10. Various training centers to teach sewing, embroidery, weaving, typing typing, short hand, computer education, art, craft, painting, modeling, music, dance, physical education, yoga, literacy campaign, informal education etc. through the Trust To set up and provide financial help to these training centers and to run them smoothly.

11. To create self-motivated and aware workers who can take effective steps to remove illiteracy, injustice, exploitation, oppression and inequality prevailing in the society, filth, unemployment, disease and backwardness in the all-round and balanced development of the country and community.

12. Society for the intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual upliftment and development of the nation and the world. Construction, operation and support and promotion and promotion of physical and spiritual science research institutes, research laboratories, museums, science and arts, seminars, technical education centers and All types of dissemination and publication and publication with the help of modern methods / techniques of dissemination.

13. Working for the welfare of senior citizens, widows, handicapped, handicapped, retarded and poor people and to provide them with all assistance and to make public aware of the schemes being run by the government such as pension, marriage of daughters Financial assistance for, scholarship for students etc. To provide financial assistance to women, Dalits, old and old, poor and helpless people without any caste, religion and discrimination, arrange living, food and drink and organize free health check-up camps for them and all kinds of these To solve the problems of

14. To provide information about employment etc. to unemployed youth, help them in getting employment and provide them assistance by guiding and guiding them.

15. Construction, operation and cooperation of all the charitable educational institutions under which schools, Vedic Gurukul, Madrasas, spiritual and yoga schools, hostels and gymnasium etc. To contribute as much as possible to the establishment of moral and human values in the world.

16. To conduct and support construction of charitable Ayurvedic hospitals and other medical practices, medical schools, charitable sanatoriums, nursing institutions, maternity homes, child welfare centers, medical laboratories, chemists, medical research centers. To organize / organize medical camps from time to time and cooperate in such works. Contribute as much as possible in such efforts for a healthy life.

17. To publish books, banners, posters and other publication material etc. about the objectives of the Trust and the upliftment of human life.

18. To promote special health services for the poor society run by the government, to bring health awareness to people about diseases like infectious diseases like HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer, AIDS etc. and to protect them from life threatening diseases. To conduct prevention programs and to provide knowledge of government programs and to provide correct guidance for medical facilities. Organizing family welfare camps and providing dental care services and organizing family planning, ophthalmic, vaccination etc. camps from time to time.

19. Operation of the disabled with polio and other disabilities and to run other programs to help them stand on their feet and provide them employment. Distribution of milk and nutritious food to the weak and malnutrition patients and infants according to the opinion of doctors.

20. To make people aware to end the prevalent practices like dowry, child marriage, female feticide, stereotyping, intoxication, child labor, mutual rivalry etc. Apart from this, make necessary, effective and legal efforts in relation to other illegal acts and to prevent involvement in crime. Take action against oppression and injustice on the poor sections of society.

21. Working to stop the declining population of girls / women and to help in the implementation and propagation of Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao scheme run by the government in the society. To work for the upliftment of women and child development and to protect their rights and to make them get rights.

22. Work for the upliftment of eunuchs and try to get them empowered.

23. Establish de-addiction centers and make efforts to make the society de-addiction. Organizing blood donation and eye donation camps from time to time and motivating people for this. Bahujan Hitay – Trying to make the society fearless and self-sufficient by adopting the policy of Bahujan Sukhaya.

24. To free the child laborers working in industries that are risky and have a bad effect on health, and to arrange for their education and living. Making efforts to empower the artisans and helpers related to hosiery works. To help the workers engaged in any kind of work to get their rights.

25. Buying or renting or giving land or building etc. in the name of the Trust for the purpose of the Trust.

26. Promotion of participation scheme of Khadi and Village Industries and make people aware of their works.

27. All other social work which is desirable for humanity like flood, famine, pestilent earthquake, accidental disasters etc. to come forward to serve the people, conduct camps for them and provide relief and service and help.

28. Community Hall, Baraat Ghar, Old Age Home, Mahila Ashram, Dharamshala, Healthcare Center, Sangeetha, Nritya, Orphanage, Balbadi, Anganwadi, Shishu Griha (Jaja-Kacha Kendra) Reading Room, Library, Dispensary, Nursing Home, for general public use Construction / opening and maintenance of hospitals, veterinary hospitals, stadiums, studios, hostels, night residences etc. and to run and conduct various public social development programs.

29. To run public-police awareness programs by the Trust. Keeping the society aware of the criminals / anti-social elements and making the government and administration aware against the wrong people. To prevent increasing crime in the society, to connect the affected people with society and the nation, to run anti-social elements and to realize the multi-faceted schemes of the government, the members of the trust go door-to-door campaigning for public awakening.

30. To provide free education to minority community and backward class children and to be included in the mainstream of social reform, to improve and aware their economic condition by doing welfare programs for them and forming self-help groups and uplift on technical basis.

31. To provide financial help to girls of poor, dalit, Harijan, weaker, backward and minority sections of the society in marriage, education etc. and encourage them to study and get them married with the help of their family members when eligible. /helping out.

32. To make efforts to provide education, hostels, technical training and self-help groups to the disabled, women, disabled and other needy of all religions and classes, small home industries, crafts, handicrafts, knowledge etc. for self-reliance.

33. To conduct adult education, adult and informal education programs with the aim of making the uneducated women and men literate by the Trust. To provide informal education to orphans and helpless children who choose garbage.

34. To provide information about sewing, embroidery, weaving, pasting embroidery, applique with the aim of making women employment oriented. Informing the poor and helpless women about small scale industries, home industries, Khadi village industries and helping to make them self-reliant.

35. To make proper efforts to provide proper respect and help, support to the weak, poor, poor, crippled, helpless, destitute, destitute children, widowed women and old men etc. in the society. Operating and directing various types of apprenticeship centers for tribal, rural and urban poor, other backward classes, scheduled castes.

36. To survey backward areas and plan their development and provide assistance to them as per their need. Establishment of schools and technical education institutions and colleges etc. for all round development of backward sections of the society. Promoting good education in the society and making efforts to improve the standard of living of the people of the society.

37. To make people aware of the problems of the public and society among the representatives of the Central Government / State Government and to be ready for redressal. Helping common people and poor needy.

38. Opening and training of small-scale industry for the blind, mute, disabled, etc. Development work for music, drama, etc. under cultural program. To eradicate untouchability, religion, communalism, intoxication etc. spread in the society and strive for moral upliftment and development of nationalism.

39. To provide governmental or non-governmental help for the advancement and development of Imams, Naib Imams, Mujahim and Mudrrisin / teachers of madrasas and mosques and to make all kinds of efforts and programs to solve their problems. For the promotion of all religions, the trust will continue to work for brotherhood such as building a madrasa, mosque, temple, church, gurudwara, monastery. Books and IECs for the promotion of religions Will publish and promote the material.

40. Establishment of library / reading room for intellectual development of women and girls and get unemployed women, youth / young women trained in handicraft, animal husbandry, plantation, typography etc. by government and other institutions. To provide information about advanced chulha, biogas, cow dung, etc. for energy conservation to women.

41. To provide accommodation, food and medical care for orphans, widows, helpless women, children and the elderly. Explaining the importance of cleanliness to women. Working in the interest of development of persons with disabilities such as handicraft, craftsmanship etc. to make self-reliant through various types of training.

42. To promote the languages for the promotion and printing and publishing of books, pamphlets / other types of material in Hindi, Urdu and other languages for them.

43. All income of the Trust shall be deposited under Section 11 (5) 1961 of the Income Tax Act and to provide assistance under 11-A, 12-A, 80G and FCRA and get other sections registered.

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